Back in 2009 we converted an old minibus into a campervan and set about exploring our local area.
In words and photos, these ten posts document our journeys, I hope you enjoy travelling with us.

Coffee, Cats & Another Canal

Another day, another trip. We thought we had better take the cats out again, so set out for a drive. We planned to park up in a pub car park near a set of locks and take a leisurely walk along the canal. We thought that it would be good for the cats to get used to being left for a while in the bus while we explored. As usual plenty of miaowing accompanied the journey!

We parked up in the picturesque car park, the pub was closed but the small canal shop alongside was open and people moored alongside the canal were walking to and fro collecting provisions.

We sat a while with the cats as they got used to the new views from the windows, of course we couldn't resist putting the kettle on before we started, the novelty still hasn't worn off!

Coffee finished, we then put down some food and water for the cats and made our escape through the cab. We strolled through the pubs pleasant grounds and on down to the canal.

cats in campervanSaying cheery hello's to people coming up the path and off the boats we made our way down to the towpath.

It was a beautiful day, blue skies and white fluffy clouds, an ideal afternoon for a walk.

As I always feel when walking along canals when people are moored up, or chugging along on the brightly coloured narrowboats, I sensed the feeling of freedom, almost like a whole other subculture living alongside but apart from the world of dry land and static homes rooted in the earth.

The scenery for these people is temporary, moveable, everchanging and though they always have the comfort and security of their boat, their home, If they don't like the view or fancy a change they can just move on, viewing life from a vantage point not many of us get to see.

They can glide through the water between inaccessible banks overgrown with nature, they see things we land dwellers are not privy to.

canalAs we walked we felt nature growing more abundant the further away we got from the road. We stopped by a lock, fascinated by the gushing water, the old wood and metal, the beauty and mechanics of it. The water looked deep and dark in its man made channels .

canalcanalWe headed back, thinking the cats had been alone long enough and hoping Sammy hadn't started scratching the windows and doors as he does at home, he doesn't want anything, we think he just enjoys the feel and rhythm of doing it, but as we are not sure if the window tints that Joe fitted were up to a cat claw onslaught, we quickened our step.

Joe made it back to the bus before me, as I called in the little shop to browse. He had the kettle on, the cats in the cab and the door open as I caught him up.

our self build campervan conversionFrom where we were parked we could see cherry trees laden with cherries that the birds were making a feast of, joe had collected a few as he passed and we sat and ate them as the kettle boiled.

Coffee made, we shut the side door and let the cats come and join us as we got comfortable and recovered from the surprisingly long walk. They seemed relaxed and happy and best of all there were no scratches anywhere!

campervan conversion interior with catTime to go, we climb through into the cab, put the music on and we head for home. All in all a successful mission - now, if we can only get them to stop that incessant miaowing! :-)


Dave said...

Hey guys!

Another excellent entry into the blog, love the cat photos!

Would you mind if i placed a link from the new website to your blog??


Susannah said...

Hello Dave :-)

I am glad you liked the cat photos.

I just had a thought, maybe I can record them so I can include sound effects, then everyone can 'enjoy' the mad miaowing they do when we are driving along! :-)

It would be great if you placed a link from the new website back here.

(Lucy is looking good - I love your tiles!)

Barbara Scully said...

Hiya Susannah... would love to know what the cats think of their excursions and what they make of the new vistas that open up for them. You must provide them with lots of new smells as well.
Can you interview the cats at all? So they can share their thoughts with us!

Susannah said...

Ha Barbara, what a brilliant idea! ;-)

I may just put it to them and see what they say!

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